August 4th 2016

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories


Unless you’re part of Channel 4’s new Eden project or been to engrossed in chasing Pokemon around your local park, then you will have noticed your Instagram feed now displays a new feature, Instagram Stories!

This new feature allows you to post photos or videos as your ‘story’ through out the day. These will disappear after 24 hours.

Now this may seem very familiar! (it’s pretty much snapchat)

When Instagram announced in March the introduction their last update which uses an algorithm to organise your posts instead of displaying them in chronological order, its users went in to panic thinking their posts would no longer be seen. Causing a wave of its users deleting their accounts as they would have nothing to tickle their ego (we’re all guilty of it) as their comments and likes dropped.

Although Instagram has subsequently just added a Snapchat feature to their app (but with less filters and features). As people’s engagement on Instagram went down with the last update, so did their interest so it’s kind of clever in a way that the new ‘stories’ feature has no ‘like’ or ‘comment’ button which eliminates the egotistical display that images and videos are viewed.


Get the most out of your new stories feature.

Let’s get started…

  • Either swipe right from your home screen or click the plus button at the top left of your home screen. this will open up the stories feature.
  • Just like snapchat, tap the big circle button at the bottom for a photo or hold down for a video.
  • You can also add images/videos/boomerangs/hyperlapses that you’ve taken in the last 24 hours by swiping down, though these images can not be cropped.
  • Add text or draw on the image/video but using the Aa or pen tool at the top right.
  • once you’ve got image/video etc you can add filters by swiping either left or right to add the very limited filters.
  • Hit the tick at the bottom to add your creativity to your stories or you can hit the arrow in the bottom right to save for later.
  • Curious to see who’s seen your post? open up your story then swipe up from your post to see a list of who’s seen the post, this also displays how many views the post has had(only you can see this so no need to worry if it hasn’t had many views).
  • If you have a post that you have become particularly fond of then you can add it to your timeline by tapping the 3 dots in the bottom right of your story and click ‘share as post’
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