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Wash Bag Hair Styling Kit



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Wash Bag Hair Styling Kit


Get the Apothecary 87 Leather Wash Bag, MAN Club Barber Comb and one of your favourite hair styling products from the list below:
100ml MANitoba Hair Pomade
100ml Lock, Stocke & Barrel Clay Pomade
100ml Vanilla & MANgo Clay Pomade (out of stock)
100ml Mogul Grease Pomade

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Ingredients Delivery & return information
  • See 100ml MANitoba Pomade
  • See 100ml Lock, Stocke & Barrel Clay pomade
  • See 100ml Vanilla & MANgo Clay Pomade
  • See 100ml Mogul Grease Pomade
  • See The Man Club Barber Comb

    UK delivery

  • £4.99 5 - 7 MANly working days
  • £6.99 2 - 3 MANly working days
  • International delivery

  • £10.00 5 - 7 MANly working days
  • See our 'Terms & Conditions' page for our returns policy.

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Choose your weapon

Gentlemen, choose your weapons, or at least your favourite hair styling products. Then we will put them in this handy, superbly crafted, top quality leather wash bag, ready for the man on the go.



Travel freely with our new handcrafted and embossed, leather wash bag. Perfect for the jet set man’s lifestyle.


Show everyone with pride that you are a member of The Man Club. Inside every product box is your membership card to The Man Club, perfectly sized for you to carry around in your wallet.

The ultimate essential for the travelling MAN

“The bag is perfect size to keep all my essentials in one place”

meet Zac HerdMAN

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