Caleb Steven Callision

Caleb is a barber at Logan Bros Shaving Co in Laguna Beach, CA.

Caleb found us on Instagram in early 2014 and was immediately a fan of the company. Started out with doing a few photoshoots and modeling, then worked met Sam giving him a haircut on his first trip to LA, it's there where I think we realised he would be an asset to the team as a barber, we included Caleb in doing some product testing, and then ultimately found his self on the way to England to work as an ambassador at the Barber Connect 2016 show.

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Caleb Steven Callision’s products of choice

Personally, I use the Vanilla & MANgo Beard oil and the Vanilla & MANgo clay for my own beard and hair. I first came across this company in my search for the perfect beard oil and my search was finished when I first put that delicious, sweet smelling product into my beard. When the clay was released in the same scent, I knew I would be hooked. It works perfectly for a texturized, matte finish for my hairstyle.

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