Scott James North

Scott North, Graphic Designer

The newest addition to our creative team, Scott, has joined us as Senior Designer. With his amazing design skills, he will help our brand remain true to our ethos, whilst developing and pushing our design and style forward.
Although only joining us now, Scott has been a member of #TheManClub for some time, using our beard oils to tame his MAN fur.

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Scott’s products of choice.

I’ve used all scents of beard oil but always come back to the Vanilla & MANgo. After the scent, the most important factor to me is control. It’s important with my beard type that I’m able to shape it and keep it neat and tidy. Without oiling my beard I find it dries out horribly so it’s a must.

The 1893 Moustache Wax is a product I also use daily. Again this a means to tame my moustache and make sure it behaves. The added scent of Vanilla & Sandalwood sitting below my nostrils is an added treat.

Now there is the Vanilla & MANgo clay pomade which I have been using since it’s release. Its matte finish and hold are perfect for my hair type and style. I also use a pinch where my beard meets my cheeks, just to keep it nice and flat.

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