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A Guide To: Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

Tyler Hall

Posted on April 07 2020

A Guide To: Peaky Blinders Hairstyles

With a huge popularity circulating around the Brummie gangster centred television series, we’ve noticed that a lot of people have taken a liking to the haircuts that are sported by the shows cast.

The haircuts, as well as how they’re styled have certainly caught our eye, thus we have decided to let you know exactly how to achieve your desired gangsters hairstyle, just don't take on their habits, yeah?

For information on the reasoning behind the desired haircuts of the period, check out our other blog on Peaky Blinders here.

As well, you'll notice throughout this blog that almost all of the styles are "undercuts". During the times that Peaky Blinders was set, undercuts were extremely popular due to their versatility. The ability to have length on top styled to suit occasions, whilst the sides being shaved to suit being worn under a hat was favoured by a lot of men throughout these times. For a guide to men's fashion during the 1920s take a look here!

Tommy Shelby

The Look & Style

Definitely the most famous haircut that is being sported by anyone and everyone all over the country is the haircut of the gang leader: Tommy Shelby. This is a haircut that immediately became popular as soon as the show aired, with people all over the country going into their barbers and asking for “The Tommy Shelby”.

The style is an undercut, with a fair bit of length left on top to create almost a crop that is brushed to the side.

The Products



The Styling

  • Simply towel dry your hair, brushing it to one side like Tommy's
  • Add a couple sprays of Salt Tonic and work into your hair thoroughly
  • Take a penny-sized amount of Matte Paste and work into your hands until no product is left visible on the hands
  • Work into your hair, making sure to get right down to your roots
  • Once product is thoroughly worked in, use a hair-dryer to blow dry your hair into place
  • Using your fingers, rough up your hair a little to get the added texture present in Tommy's look
  • Once hair is dry, add any final touches that you wish, such as roughing up your hair to add any texture you want


    Arthur Shelby

    The Look & Style

    As well as Arthur being loved for his recklessness (and being a renegade all the time), we specifically love his hair! A messy undercut with length on top which is slicked back so that it's out of his face, meaning he can pursue his business with no distractions.

    Arthur's hair is likely to be harder to style that Tommy's, as your hair may not want to go into this style due to it's thickness or the natural "falling" of your hair. We would recommend the use of our Pomade for this style, due to the strength in it's hold, as well as the shine it provides.

    The Product


    The Styling

    • Towel dry your hair, leaving it a little damp
    • Scoop out a dime-sized amount of Pomade and rub between your hands
    • Apply the product to your hair, massaging it all the way through, making sure to get right down to your roots
    • Using a hair-dryer, blow dry your hair to the back of your head, causing it to fall roughly into the shape of Arthur's style
    • Once your hair is dry, take another smaller scoop of Pomade, massage into your hands and apply to your hair to create the final style
    • Either leave the style as a clean slick back, or if you're after Arthur's authentic look, mess it up a little. 

    As said above, Arthurs style is fairly messy as he's busy being a reckless gangster, so rough it up a little, have some hair falling over the sides of your head, or keep it as clean as you'd like, make it yours!


    John Shelby

    The Look & Style

    Now, thanks to Luka Changretta and his mob, we don't get to see John anymore, but his style in Seasons 1-3 was certainly something that caught our eye! A slick side-parting, of course complete with an undercut and the sides taken down to the bone.

    John's style might take a bit of mastering, finding your parting and getting your hair to stay like his can come as a task so you'll need the right product at your disposal to pull it off!

    The Product


    The Styling

    • Towel dry your hair to the point where it is slightly damp
    • Using your Man Club Barber Comb, create a parting in your hair. Make sure to get all the hairs into each side of the parting, leaving no stray hairs
    • Once you have created the parting you want, place your hand over one side of the parting and use a hair-dryer to dry the non-covered side into place.
    • Once again, do the same but for the other side of your parting
    • Now that your hair is dried into place, take a penny-sized amount of your Grease Pomade and rub between your hands thoroughly until the product is barely visible on your hands
    • Rub into your hair, making sure to avoid disrupting your parting, as well as working into your roots
    • Using your Man Club Barber Comb, comb your hair, going away from the parting on either side. This will emphasise your parting and perfectly give you John's look!

      Michael Gray


      The Look & Style

      Next, we have the Shelby brothers cousin and Polly's son, Michael Gray. One of the newer characters who quickly became a high ranking member of the Blinders.

      Michaels style and cut is different to the rest of the Shelby brothers, as he doesn't have an undercut. The style itself is similar to that of John's, only with more volume and less shine. For this style, we'd recommend our Clay Pomade.

      The Product


      The Styling

      • Similar to John's style, you should start off by towel drying your hair so that it is damp
      • From here, you need to create a parting to one side of your head. This style is more of a side parting, as oppose to John's parting position
      • Once you have created the parting, cover one side of the parting and use a hair dryer to blow dry the other side of your parting. Repeat with the other side of your parting.
      • Your hair will now be roughly in the style you're after, with the parting found and hair flowing the way it should be
      • From here, grab your Clay Pomade, scoop out a dime-sized amount and work thoroughly between your hands
      • Next, work into your hair, making sure to get right down to your roots, whilst not disrupting your parting
      • Using your Man Club Barber Comb, comb into the shape of Michaels hair by combing away from the parting and if possible, adding the slight kink that Michael has at the front of his hair

      Danny Whizz-Bang

      The Look & Style

      A no-fuss, time-saving look. It allows Danny to spend more time with his guns than focussing on his looks! 

      The Product



      The Styling

      • Apply some Shave Oil to your hand, rub between your hands and apply to your skin
      • Run your Shaving Brush under hot water until it is damp
      • Rub your Shaving Brush into your Shave Cream until a lather is created around your brush
      • Apply evenly to your skin, making sure that it is not applied to thick nor too thin
      • Shave as usual!
      • Afterwards, wet skin with cold water, this will close your pores and prevent any rashes or potential spots from occurring after shaving, as well, it will leave you smelling fresh with our 1893 Fragrance!


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