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Top 5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Tyler Hall

Posted on May 12 2020

Top 5 Low Maintenance Hairstyles

We’re aware that getting that perfect hairstyle that you love can come with a problem: how am I supposed to find the time every morning to style it. We fully understand this situation, not everyone has time in the morning to perfect their hairstyle, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to leave the house without looking your best...

...Well, not all heroes wear capes and we’re not calling ourselves heroes (we actually are), but we are here to help find a hairstyle that can be effortlessly achieved every morning or even for your weekend look. Remember though, just because they’re low maintenance doesn’t mean they won’t work when you’re trying to look your best at important occasions, or at the pub.

Just as a brief note before we get into the styles, we know that using a hair-dryer when you get out of the shower may seem like quite the task at first, however we can assure you it'll only speed up your morning routine. We've picked out a couple that we like below:

Hairstyle 1 - “Back Swept”


This cut is similar to your traditional slick back, only with less time needed to acquire the style. A slick back often requires lots of strong product to hold it back and down, our “back swept” style is essentially a slick back that has a loose hold, meaning less product required which means a quicker style.

Side note: This style is the most tasking of all the styles on the list, however can still be easily achieved in under the 60 second mark

For this style we recommend our Salt Tonic. This is due to the loose hold it offers as well as ease of use. Our Salt Tonic also provides a Matte Finish. If you’re after this style with a slight wet look, you can always opt for our Pomade.

We believe this style looks best when paired with a low skin fade, as it complements the look of the style. As well as this, we would say that medium length hair (5-7 inches) works best for this style, as short hair won’t have enough weight for this style to work properly and if the hair is too long it is likely to not sit properly and try to move out of shape.

What You'll Need


  • Apply a few dashes of Salt Tonic whilst hair is damp
  • Blow dry hair towards the back of your head, giving a “back swept” look to your hair
  • Once hair is blow dried into place, make any final adjustments using your hands if any are required 

Hairstyle 2 - Side Parting


This is perhaps the most sophisticated hair style on this list, perfect for occasions where you’re required to dress up as well as being just an everyday style. A side parting style is likely to require the most effort compared to the rest, however it shouldn’t be too tasking. This style is ideal if your hair is set in its ways and will not stay pushed back, which is also a common problem for some people.

To achieve this style, we would recommend our Pomade due to it’s strong hold and slight wet look. We believe that it shouldn’t be hard to achieve the look you want and seeing something like a wet look can imply that it isn’t a low maintenance hairstyle, but trust us, it is.

What You'll Need


This one you’re likely to need a comb to create a proper parting, however don’t let this make you think its a tasking hairstyle:

  • Create parting on one side of the hair, easiest way is to use a comb
  • Apply our Pomade, move the hair away from the parting on each side
  • This should leave you with almost all your hair going to one side, with a small amount on the other side of the parting

Hairstyle 3 - Buzz Cut (With a Skin Fade)


A Buzz Cut is definitely the lowest maintenance hairstyle available. The traditional buzz cut consists of the same grade (length) all over your head, usually a grade 1 or 2. This style has been adapted into the modern world, with the addition of a skin fade.

What You'll Need


Just wash using our Botanical Shampoo and you're good to go!

Hairstyle 4 - Crop/Textured Crop


A crop is a style that tends to have a high and tight skin fade on the sides then, depending on the desired style, some length on top. The most common crop tends to consist of the hair being around an inch on top, with all the hair brought forwards to sit on the forehead. This style can vary however, with some added length you can add more texture to the hair as well create a somewhat messy style if the usual crop is too short for your liking. As well, a crop can be done with a grade 7 clipper for an even shorter crop than the one mentioned above.

For this style we recommend our Matte Paste due to the texture it creates as well as the matte finish it provides.

What You'll Need


  • Take a dime-sized amount of Matte Paste and rub into hands
  • Work thoroughly into hair, making sure to work into the roots of your hair not just the ends
  • Once product is worked in, bring the hair forwards over the forehead using a comb (if you want a neater crop) or (if you're wanting a messier crop) use your hands and mess up the hair as much as your desire, however we think minimal mess is best.

Hairstyle 5 - Undercut (2 Variations)


The undercut, a style that has also seen some increase in popularity recently due to its versatility and the amount of variance in the style. This style can be done with almost any hair length, meaning this is a low maintenance hairstyle for the gent who wants to have longer length hair whilst keeping his morning hair routine length to a minimum.

An undercut refers to the way your hair is disconnected from the sides, usually with a fade underneath. Weight is left on the top to ensure the hair falls over the disconnected section. An example of an undercut would be both Tommy and Arthur Shelby (check out our blog on getting the Tommy Shelby look) from Peaky Blinders, two different lengths of hair, but both undercuts.

For this hairstyle, dependant on the look you’re wanting, we’d recommend either our Matte Paste or Pomade dependant on the desired look. Tommy Shelby's look would be using Matte Paste, whilst Arthur Shelby's would be Pomade.


The styling for an undercut varies dependant on how long your hair is on top and your desired look, for example, the longer undercuts are likely to be slicked/swept back to keep the hair out of your eyes and are likely to require our Pomade or Grease Pomade so that the hair will remain in place throughout the day. Grease Pomade will stay in your hair longer due to it being oil based, therefore this means the style is likely to last two days, potentially requiring a comb or quick re-fix in the morning.

  • Towel dry hair
  • Blow dry hair, starting from the crown and working forwards whilst pushing the hair back, this will speed up the drying process by stopping you drying hair onto wet hair
  • Once hair is dried, take a penny-sized amount of the product you're wanting (for a stronger hold and shine, go for the Grease Pomade, if you want less shine and a lighter hold, go for the Pomade)
  • Massage into hands then into hair, making sure to get right down to your roots in order to manipulate the hair in the manner that you need to
  • Use hands to push your hair towards your crown, slicking the hair back almost. The hair should fall over the back of your head as well as over the sides if the you went for a lighter hold, this is due to the undercut

This style would be similar to that sported by Arthur Shelby, pictured below:

For the shorter, more textured undercuts we would recommend the use of our Matte Paste due to its light hold and rework-ability, as well as the addition of texture to the hair and matte finish. Style using a penny-sized amount of Matte Paste and make sure you work into the roots of the hair, then either comb into your desired style or use your finger tips to create a messy texture.

An example of shorter undercut would be the cut shown below on Tommy Shelby:


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