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Styled Like Tommy - A Peaky Blinders Haircut

Sam Martin

Posted on December 06 2017

Styled Like Tommy - A Peaky Blinders Haircut

The Birmingham gangster family epic, the Peaky Blinders, is back and not only are we fans of the Shelby family, but also fans of the hair cuts and styling of everyone featured in the show.

We know from the show these styles are from the 1920's but late 2017 and going into 2018, the styles have as much appeal now as they did back then. Authentic 1920's hairstyles were rough and utilitarian and often meant for wearing under hats and styled quickly if at all. 

When he is not wearing a hat with razor blades, Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy rocks an epic sharp, no fuss cut, that is has similarities to this years popular textured crop look. This cut is perfect for both casual and formal events.

So here is how you can achieve the leader himself, Tommy Shelby's style, By order of Apothecary87!

The Cut

The Tommy Shelby cut is a short back and sides clipper grade 1-2 kept high and tight with an undercut, leave length through the top with added texture and more length through the fringe so it can be swept to the side. If you prefer to wear your fringe up instead of to the side ask your Barber to leave a little more length at the front. For a more modern version of this cut you could go for a high skin fade that drops down at the back, this style would also be good for people with a tricky crown that needs more length to able it to lie flat to the head. 

Here is the style from different angles 

Products & Tools Used:

To create this style my go to product would be the Apothecary 87 Matte Paste, It is the perfect product to us for this style because its easy to work with and will give your hair texture and move ability so the hair can be reworked through the day or if you are like Tommy Shelby it can be worn under a hat, and when your hat is removed it will be easily worked back into place still giving the hair plenty of hold.

The Style

Wash hair and towel dry, apply a small amount of the Apothecary 87 Matte Paste into the palm of your hand and work it through the hair from root to tip.

When drying your hair this will add texture and a rework able hold.

Use a medium round brush to dry with and starts by drying the fringe area first and work back towards the crown drying the hair forward. When the hair is dry add another small amount of the Apothecary 87 Matte Paste and work it ,into the hair again working from root to tip and style into place to create the desired look.

Written by Luke D Cain

Head Barber at The Gentlemans Retreat

Head Of Barber Training at Apothecary 87


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