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Elvis' Iconic Styles Through The Years

Beth Mycroft

Posted on June 24 2022

Elvis' Iconic Styles Through The Years

It's no doubt that Elvis Presley has always been a style icon. From the big hair to the wild outfits, The King of Rock n' Roll definitely cemented himself in history as not only a music legend, but a style legend too.

With the upcoming release of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis film, we thought we'd take a look at some iconic, classic Elvis looks from his years in the spotlight. 

The 50's

What made the pompadour such an iconic, popular hairstyle? What cemented it's place in time as one of the most recognised styles? 

The answer is Elvis.

In 1956, the nation tuned in to watch the "Steven Allen Show". A shy, 21 year old Elvis made his first TV appearance and transmitted shockwaves across the nation. Those flashy suits, slick pompadour and long sideburns were something America hadn't seen before. Men wanted to be Elvis and women wanted to be with Elvis. Because of this, a new youth culture was born. 

As Elvis' popularity spread across the globe, so did Rock n' Roll. Elvis' hairstyle was the new staple of fashion amongst teenagers. Rock n' Roll had taken the world by storm, and so had pompadours. Hair grease was flying off the shelves and everyone had a comb in their back pocket.

A black and white image of a young Elvis Presley performing on stage

You can recreate this iconic Elvis hairstyle with our Pomade and Grease Pomade. Apply Pomade to wet hair, working it from the roots to the ends of the hair, this will create a base for the style. Blow dry the Pomade into your hair, pulling the hair up and backwards to give the hair volume, and roughly comb into place. Apply the Grease Pomade to the hair, starting from root to tip. Again, comb the style into place with a fine tooth comb

There you have it, now you're looking like The King himself.

The 60's

After a questionable film career and a 3 year army career, Elvis' music career was in doubt. Fans hadn't seen Elvis live on stage in 7 years. Pop culture had changed over the years, including music and fashion. Beatles mania was spreading across the world like wild fire and Elvis' place at the top was questioned. In 1968, Elvis returned with a special live TV show. Elvis was nervous and so was his fans. Was he still The King?

A 33 year old Elvis came out in a black, leather suit with longer, more natural looking hairstyle and triangular sideburns. He sang to a limited audience with his original band members in a 'jam' like session. Elvis once again proved why he's The King and the show became one of the most iconic performances ever. It's now known as the "1968 Comeback Special".

You can recreate this classic men's hairstyle by using our Salt Tonic and Pomade. Spray our Salt Tonic into towel dried hair and blow dry into the rough shape you want, using a round brush. This will give you the natural height and volume for this look. Finish by working our Pomade through the hair to get that hold and shine, combing the hair into place using a comb that has a moderate tooth spacing, like our 'The 87 Club' Barber Comb

The 70's

In the 1970's, Elvis was in his prime. From 1969 up until his death in 1977, Elvis performed an incredible 636 times in Las Vegas and sold out every show. Elvis' iconic white jumpsuits and mutton chop sideburns is a style that will go down in history.

In 1973, 'Aloha From Hawaii' took place at the Honolulu International Centre and was broadcast live via satellite. It was the first live concert to be broadcast across the world. All the profit went to the Kui Lee Cancer Foundation. Even the the performer and producer, Elvis Presley, paid $1000 for his ticket. The show was aired in over 40 countries, and was seen by 1.5 billion viewers.

And it's still the most watched entertainment show with only one performer today.

To recreate this Elvis hairstyle, blow dry your hair into the rough shape you want, just like the previous styles. Apply our Matte Paste, working it from the roots to the ends of the hair. Elvis' hair in the 70's didn't have much shine, just volume and natural movement so Matte Paste is perfect for this look. Comb the style into place and finish off the look by applying our Original Recipe Beard Oil to keep those sideburns in check. 


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