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Josh Mario John (AKA @Spizoiky) Interview

Sam Martin

Posted on September 22 2016

Josh Mario John (AKA @Spizoiky) Interview

Josh Mario John Interview

Josh Mario John (commonly known by his Instagram name ‘Spizoiky’) has taken the modelling world by storm.

He comes from a small, suburban town called Sudbury in Ontario, Canada and his recent Instagram fame hasn’t gone unnoticed. Josh is now represented by modelling agencies worldwide, working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Apothecary 87 is really excited to have worked with Josh and recently launched his awesome signature beard balm, Muskoka.

We caught up with Josh to talk about his journey and his new signature product.

Your modelling career has really taken off, where did it all start and where can you see it heading?

The past year has been pretty damn incredible; I’ve had loads of surreal experiences that are sometimes tough to imagine being a guy coming from a small northern city.

I owe a great deal of my success to timing, along with the power of social media. I was lucky enough to catch the right eyes early on, and I had a great group of supportive people who helped me develop and reach beyond the norm.  Initially my tattoos made me interesting to photograph; but my style and image gave me an ability to showcase myself as something more than that.

As far as the future goes, I’m generally not one to plan too far ahead.  I genuinely enjoy modelling, and that intrinsic value far exceeds any monetary reward. With that I have no pressure and for the most part, I am able to do things on my own terms.  That being said I’m pretty damn happy with where I’m at, and I’ll continue to do what makes me happy.

What made you choose Apothecary 87 as a brand to create your signature beard product?

Being where I’m at in my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with countless brands; what stuck out for me with Apothecary87 was their unwavering devotion to creating not only a premium product, but in creating a movement.  When a company invests in not only themselves, but in a community, loyalty is inherently fostered. A87 has been loyal to me before my career took off, and in return I’ve remained steadfast. I have chosen to invest in a company that I truly believe in.

What goals and features did you want to achieve when working with Apothecary 87 to create the product?

I wanted to help create a novel product that had not only conditioning properties, but that also helped give shape and manage the fly away beard hairs. Having the final product in hand, I can with confidence say that we hit a home run with this product.

How have you found working alongside Apothecary 87 on this product?

With any great relationship, trust is king, and word is bond. Despite the fact that this product is more than 2 years in the making, I never doubted that the idea would come to fruition, and that the product would exceed all of my expectations. When a company flies you out to London for a handshake and to sample scents, you know they mean business. That belief and investment is very apparent in this product, and I couldn’t imagine working with a better group of friends.

What’s the beard balm fragrance and how did you come up with name ‘Muskoka’?

The beard balm fragrance is Maple Smoke.  It has a smokey scent, with warm and sweet maple undertones. Muskoka is a well known area in Canada for growing the best maple trees. Being from northern Canada I wanted this product to be masculine, and I wanted it to borrow from my roots, all while remaining consistent with the A87 branding.  I think we landed on a great balance, that has mass appeal.

What’s your morning grooming regime?

After I shower I towel dry my beard.  I then work a nickel sized amount of my A87 beard oil between my palms then I apply it evenly throughout my beard.  I usually use a little heat while I comb it.  Once it’s dry I apply a dime sized amount of my Muskoka Beard Balm in a downward motion until I get the desired shape.

You clearly have a huge presence on social media, how do you keep your content interesting and engaging to your followers?

I’ve tried to stay consistent with what I post and with the types of jobs I take on; I think that it’s important to change things up and keep things interesting. On the other hand it’s also important to stick to the core of what people found interesting or inspiring in you to begin with.  If you deviate too much from that formula, I feel that you end up alienating people. It’s certainly a tough balance at times. I feel that if you are genuine and actually take the time to interact and engage with your following that it creates a degree of loyalty and ultimately longevity.

Who or what’s your main influence when it comes to your style in clothing?

That’s a tough question; I think that my style is really simple. I seem to always go back to staple pieces… denim, leather, basic tees, plaid, and boots.  I like a clean casual style that seems effortless, cohesive and stylishly thrown together.

You’ve been using Muskoka for a while now, are you happy with how it turned out?

I’m over the moon with this new product; I’ve been able to experience the results and performance first hand and over a period of time.  The Muskoka beard balm is something I’m very proud of, and something that I can stand behind.  I have no reservations, and the feedback has been incredible this far.  My beard has never felt so healthy or look as good…now that’s something to be excited about!

Since the launch what feedback have you had from the product?

The response has been overwhelming! I’ve received daily reminders from the men who love the product and from the women who love it on them! This has become an essential product for me and based on the feedback I’m not the only one 😉

What secret grooming tips would you have for the modern man?

There are no magic products out there that will make your beard grow faster; any product with outlandish claims is just that!  The Muskoka Beard Balm simply enhances what you have and maximizes your beards potential! No gimmicks, just a straight forward product from a respected and trusted brand!



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