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Our COVID-19 Procedures...

Tyler Hall

Posted on March 19 2020

Our COVID-19 Procedures...

In light of the current situation involving Coronavirus, we'd like to take a minute to let you know exactly what we're putting in place to help combat the virus in our office, store and warehouse!

Barbers & Shop

We've always worked hard and had procedures in place to ensure that our Barbers & Shop is as clean as it should be for all our clients, however due to COVID-19, we're now taking these procedures further to ensure maximum cleanliness:

  • Making sure all our staff are washing hands thoroughly at every opportunity
  • Making sure our barbers chairs are wiped down throughout the day
  • All towels are being double washed before being used again, this includes towels in our toilets being changed regularly
  • All our barbers tools are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly (however this is nothing new)
  • Reception desk, door handles and most common areas of human contact wiped down thoroughly throughout the day
  • Encouraging our clients to be cautious of other clients, this means that if you don't feel well and as though you may affect other clients, please ensure you self-isolate and get checked for any health issues


Our Office

We ensure our office is clean at all times, regardless of Coronavirus! However all our staff have now began ensuring all computer peripherals, desks, door handles etc. are cleaned down thoroughly to ensure maximum hygiene levels.

Warehouse & Storage

Research into COVID-19 has proven that the virus cannot live on surfaces for more than 24 hours, meaning any products that you order to be shipped out will not be at risk of carrying the virus. However, we are making sure that all surfaces in our warehouse are clean, as well as making sure the people that deal with online orders are regularly washing hands to ensure maximum cleanliness.

The Summary

We're taking this virus very seriously, as all of you should do. It's proven to be a real threat to us all and should not be passed off as something that is not significant. This said, we're still here to help you guys look after yourselves, your hair and your beards!

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to get in touch with us!


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