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The Dapper Dads

Adison Clark

Posted on June 08 2018

The Dapper Dads

We scouted the celebrity world and these are our top 5 dapper dads of the world 

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1. Ryan Gosling

Does this man have it all? I mean not only does he have two children and married to one of the most beautiful women in the world in Eva Mendes,  but he is also an amazing actor and his style is always so sharp. There is never anything too crazy about Ryan's style....just a cool, sharp and well groomed dude! 


2. Cillian Murphy

By order of the Peaky Blinders...

How could we have a top 5 without our 'Tommy Shelby'.

Since the start of this amazing series, Cillian and his screen pals on Peaky Blinders have influenced so many hair styles and wardrobe changes within the UK over the past two years, it's mind-blowing! The words 'Give me the Tommy Shelby cut' ring in the ears of barbers every single day.   

The world actually knows very little about Cillian's private life, as he does a great job of keeping it....PRIVATE. But this dapper dad is a father of two and married his high school sweetheart. 

Despite jumping straight back into the 1920's in Peaky Blinders, Cillian is a gent who keeps things simple off the TV screen. 

To quote Cillian: "My taste is very much a good pair of jeans, a good pair of shoes and a good jacket" 

Our leader Sam W Martin would probably echo Cillian's fashion criteria. 


3. Idris Elba 

This gents career seems to be going from strength to strength as London born, Idris Elba, is fast becoming one of Hollywood's hottest properties. His roles on screen are becoming increasingly more badass and he is right up their for the favourites to take over as James Bond. While Idris carries this 'macho' persona, he is actually a huge softy with his two kids and they are constantly seen by his side despite his acting demands. 

From a style perspective, Idris just does everything so well. He is one of the most sought after guys in fashion right now, he might just be the coolest and most dapper UK actor at the moment. Four words to sum up the Elba style - layers and tonal colours.


4. Ryan Reynolds 

The Deadpool stars Hollywood status is literally off the chart and he might just be one of the most likeable men in showbiz!!  Actually...Is there anything to dislike about Ryan Reynolds? 

Ryan married former screen co-star Blake Lively in 2012 and since the birth of their two children he has been pretty much winning at life. He's a comic genius and more so these days, a style icon.

Slim fitted suits for work mode and t-shirt & jacket for casual mode. This guy doesn't try hard...and he doesn't have too!  His hair always completes his dapper appearance, with a less is more approach, probably using a Clay or Paste to achieve his textured style


5. Gary Oldman

Yes...Gary Oldman. As an 'Icon' he may not share the same views as some and his career has had a few ups and downs but Gary Oldman is an absolute screen legend. At 60 years of age he is still one of the highest earners on the A-list of all time and he's still one of the most stylish. 

Mr Oldman, although spending much of his life away from prying eyes was also quite the lothario, having been married no fewer than 5 times, but through his life he also became a loving father to three children and is now a granddad too! 

This guy is an absolute winner at combining vintage styles (Which as you know we love) alongside contemporary looks. So basically he can kill it with vintage tailoring and shiny brogues or wear a leather jacket and Dr Martens. 

Well there it is folks, that's our top 5 Dapper Dads. 



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