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Top 5 Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Beth Mycroft

Posted on June 02 2022

Top 5 Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp has always been a style icon. Both through his roles in film and TV as well as having his own unique style. Whilst Johnny Depp has received a lot of attention recently for his lawsuit with Amber Heard in the Depp Heard trial, we wanted to focus on the hairstyles of one of the most versatile men in Hollywood.

Whether it's a crazy character like Edward ScissorhandsPirates of the Carribean, a trip to the shops or a red carpet look, Johnny Depp's hairstyles have become just as popular as his movies. So here's our top 5 Johnny Depp hairstyles and how to recreate them. 

1. The "Cry-Baby

The first of the Johnny Depp Hairstyles that we want to look at, is a classic, the "Cry-Baby. Reminiscent of Elvis in his early days, the "Cry-Baby" is a classic rock and roll look. This rockabilly quiff is a timeless look and one of our favourites from Johnny Depp.

To recreate this classic men's hairstyle, apply Pomade to wet hair, working it from the roots to the ends of the hair, this will create a base for your style. Blow dry the Pomade into the hair, pulling the hair up and backwards to give the hair volume as well as the rough shape you want, then roughly comb into place. Next, (once the hair is dry), apply our Grease Pomade. Grease Pomade will give this look a strong hold and that classic high shine look. Again, comb the style into place with a fine tooth comb, and pull a couple strands of hair forward from the fringe, for Johnny Depp's iconic Cry-Baby Hairstyle. As the hair on the sides is quite long, you can gently rub a touch more Pomade over the top for extra hold if you need. 

2. The Slick-Back

This suave Johnny Depp hairstyle was sported in his role as Edward Ratchett in Murder On The Orient Express. This classic 1920's look is all about sophistication, and still looks good today. 

For this look, start with wet hair and blow dry the hair. This can be done from front to back, or back to front (if you work in sections). Make sure when drying the hair, to pull the hair in a backwards motion and point the dryer in the same direction as the hairstyle, so you don't add volume into the hairstyle. Scoop out some Pomade and work through the hair, starting from root to tip. Pomade will give this look a strong hold and will easily rinse out due to it's water base. Comb the hair backwards, using a comb that has a moderate tooth spacing, such as our 'The 87 Club Barber Comb', until all the hair is slicked back. There you have it, the Johnny Depp slick back hairstyle. 

3. The Layered Bob

This stylishly messy look is probably one of the easiest Johnny Depp hairstyles to achieve.

All you need to achieve this look is Salt Tonic. Apply a few sprays to wet hair and allow to dry. Use your fingers to work in the Salt Tonic, scrunching the ends of the hair, creating the desired messy style. 

Alternatively, blow dry and use your fingers to rub at the roots of your hair to create a hairstyle with a bit more volume, instead of leaving it to naturally dry. Simple!

4. The Edward Scissorhands

This Johnny Depp hairstyle is not for the faint of heart, but done right can be a stylish, modern version of the crazy Edward Scissorhands look. It's also a hairstyle we have seen rocked by the likes of Robert Smith and Yungblud.

This is one of Johnny Depp's hairstyles, that we are going to want to really focus on volume to achieve. Start by applying a generous amount of Salt Tonic to wet hair, using your fingers to rub in at the roots and work it to the tips. Once the Salt Tonic is applied, start to dry the hair using a blow dryer, until almost dry. At this point, apply some Matte Paste, then finish drying. We're going for a messy look here so don't be afraid to really work the hair. Now the volume has been added, we want to add the messy aspect of this hairstyle, which is done by back-combing the hair (you can see a tutorial HERE). The technique for this is to take a section of hair, hold with one hand at the tip of the hair, and comb from tip to root, this will help to achieve this volumised, disheveled Johnny Depp hairstyle.

WARNING - getting knots out of your hair after back-combing may make you never want to create this style again. 

5. Swept Back (Mid-length, texture)

This red carpet ready Johnny Depp hairstyle is a classic, but for an obviously good reason. It looks great! The swept back looks with heavy texture is a favourite of ours and so easy to recreate. 

To achieve this look, spray Salt Tonic into wet hair and blow dry to add volume and texture. Remember to always blow dry in the direction you want the hair to go, in this case pull the hair up and then roll toward the back and side, adding an off centre parting. Finish with Matte Paste to provide a matte finish, lots of texture and a reworkable hold. 




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