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Top 5 Stranger Things Hairstyles

Beth Mycroft

Posted on July 01 2022

Top 5 Stranger Things Hairstyles

Stranger Things is back with a bang after the highly anticipated release of season 4, seeing the return of the Hawkins gang, some new faces and some of our favourite styles. It seems many trends of the 80's have become popular once again, including some classic 80's hairstyles

So to celebrate the release of Stranger Things season 4, and to prepare for the release of the second volume, here's our top 5 Stranger Things hairstyles and how to recreate them!

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

1. Lucas' Skin Fade Flat Top

The first Stranger Things hairstyle we want to look at, and probably one of the cooler hairstyles from this show, is this classic Skin Fade Flat Top. Lucas looks fresher than the Fresh Prince himself with this Skin Fade Flat Top, and with celebrities like Khalid and The Weeknd still sporting this classic 80's hairstyle today, it's a great style to bring back into modern day life. 

To recreate this style, you'll need to use an afro sponge. Rub the sponge all over the hair, using circular motions. This will help to lift the curls, giving the hair the height that we want. Then shape the hair as desired. 

2. Eddie's Shag Mullet

Not the first and definitely not the last mullet we'll see on Stranger Things, but that's okay. We love mullets! Inspired by none other than Eddie Van Halen himself, this classic 80's hairstyle is truly the epitome of 80's rock n' roll.

To achieve Eddie's hairstyle, spray Salt Tonic into damp hair. This will give the hairstyle some natural volume. Then, blow dry using a diffuser attachment as well. Tilt your head to one side, place the diffuser near your roots and using circular motions, gently massage the hair. This will give the style even more natural volume, as well as bring out any waves or curls to add the messy look to this hairstyle. Once the hair is dry, you can take a small amount of Matte Paste and scrunch it into the ends of the hair, giving the mullet a bit more texture and providing a matte finish.  

3. Hopper's Buzz Cut

It wouldn't be Stranger Things without a badass Buzz Cut thrown in there. This season, Hopper has ditched the slicked-back locks and Tom Selleck 'stache and swapped them for a buzzed head and closely cropped facial hair. Luckily for you chaps, this is probably the easiest looks to recreate...

Simply head on down to your local Apothecary 87 barbershop and treat yourself to a Buzz Cut and a Beard Trim!

4. Eleven's Slick Back

Throwing it back to Stranger Things season 2 with Eleven's punk Slick Back. This greasy, bad-ass Slick Back is probably one of our favourites of Eleven's hairstyles and pretty easy to do yourself. 

To recreate this look, start with wet hair and blow dry. Make sure when drying the hair, to pull the hair in a backwards motion and point the dryer in the same direction as the hairstyle, so you don't add too much volume. Scoop out some Pomade and through the hair, starting from root to tip. Pomade will give this style a wet look with a strong hold, that will easily rinse out due to the water base. Comb the hair backwards, using a comb that has a moderate tooth spacing like our 'The 87 Club' Barber Comb, until all the hair is slicked back. 

And there you have it, Eleven's Slick Back hairstyle. 

5. 001's Side Part

A very simple and otherwise inconspicuous hairstyle, 001's hairstyle is stylish yet doesn't draw attention and surely if you've watched this season you'll know why! 

To recreate this devilishly handsome Stranger Things hairstyle, spray Salt Tonic into wet hair and blow dry to add volume and texture. Remember to always blow dry in the direction you want the hair to go. Use a vent brush when drying the hair to prevent static and frizz, keeping that sleek, uniform style. Finish with Matte Paste to provide a matte finish, lots of texture and a reworkable hold.


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