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  • Competition Time!

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on July 24 2020

    Competition Time!
    It's competition time! We've not done one in a while, so we've decided to do a big one for you ladies and gents!
  • Coming Back With A Bang...

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on June 29 2020

    Coming Back With A Bang...
    We've always believed that grooming is more than a well-trimmed beard and a fresh hair ...
  • Father's Day - Don't Panic!

    Sam Martin

    Posted on May 27 2020

    Father's Day - Don't Panic!
    Don't panic about what to get your Dad this Father's Day, we got you covered...
  • Apothecary 87 x Volstead Jewellery

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on May 26 2020

    Apothecary 87 Barber Skull Ring - Silver

    We've always loved the idea of working with other companies and people, we aim to please our audience in every way possible with exciting products that satisfy. So a collaboration with Volstead Jewellery was something we knew would immediately be something we love!

  • Working From Home?

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on April 07 2020

    Working From Home?
    With COVID-19 around, you may be working from home. If so, we've got some tips to help you out!