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At Apothecary 87, we are privileged enough to work with some amazing creatives. However, there isn't always the element of support in functional business practices, that we would like there to be. So we have taken it upon ourselves to create a range of business support programs, specifically aimed at barbers, salons & creatives.


Content & Visuals
We have teamed up with A87 Studios to offer a range of visual brand support and education, tailored to suit barbers.

Design & Branding
We will soon be partnering with the design agency that helped start Apothecary 87, Attract UK.

Marketing & Social Media
We are soon partnering with the awesome Mantra Media on a range of marketing services and educational programs.

More Coming Soon...
We aim to expand our range of business support services, in a range of ways to add value to you and your company.

Free Support

We will soon be releasing a bank of free material designed to help you grow your barbershop / salon / brand. Keep an eye out!