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COVID-19 Barbers & Shop Procedures


"Safety is the most important thing for all our clients and staff. So, we've put together a list of procedures that staff and clients alike should follow/be aware of. If anyone has any concerns or suggestions, please get in touch!" - Sam Martin, CEO Apothecary 87

Protective Equipment

  • Visors will be worn by all barbers and staff in the shop.
  • Clients are asked to wear a mask where possible, if you do not have one, we can provide a disposable mask.
  • Gloves will not be worn by staff. Studies have shown that false sense of safety has contributed to spreading the virus more.


Personal Hygiene

  • Barbers will thoroughly wash their hands between every client.
  • We ask clients to thoroughly wash their hands before coming onto the premises.
  • Each member of staff will carry their own bottle of Hand Sanitiser, to be used regularly.
  • Clients will have access to use Hand Sanitiser or buy their own.
  • Any clients showing symptoms will be asked to leave, without receiving their service.
  • Any staff showing symptoms will be asked to self isolate.


Shop Hygiene

  • Disinfectant will be used on all barbering equipment after every client.
  • Disinfectant will be used on barber chairs, barber stations, checkout station, till system & card machines, after every client.
  • A fresh barber cape and towel will be used for every client.
  • Outside of any barber services, physical contact should be avoided. We still love you guys, but will have to waive, rather than shake hands.


General Policies

  • Clients are asked to turn up on time for appointments (no more than 5 minutes early).
  • If you arrive earlier, please wait outside the building.
  • The shop will run appointments only.
  • Clients should come to appointments on their own, unless accompanying a child. Friends/Partners will be asked to wait outside the building.
  • Our booking system gives you the ability to pre-pay. It is a good idea to use this function.
  • Any clients wishing to pay at the service, we ask you to pay by card where possible.
  • Non-essential items, such as magazines, will be removed from the shop.
  • Hot drinks will not be offered. We will offer a range of cold drinks that come pre-sealed, such as cans of soda and bottled water


A Message From Sam

Sam has recorded a video sharing his thoughts on the reopening of Barbershops and outlining what he thinks should be done to perform reopening safely. Check out the video below!