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The Man Club. 1920's vintage style baseball bat, created to show your membership to The Man Club

Each year, we run a limited number of The Man Club bats, this year we are running 250 only, in batches of 50. We are currently opening pre orders for batch 1 of 5.

This year, we have worked alongside our friends at Pillbox Bat Co to create an authentic 1920s style baseball bat. Pillbox Bat Co are known for their amazing classic styles recreating a true vintage baseball bat.

Our collaboration on The Man Club is a solid Ash bat, just like they used in the 1920's (our inspiration decade). The design is simple, with the Apothecary 87 logo, and a branded signature for William Charles Martin (the Grandfather of Apothecary 87's founder, Sam W Martin) is on the side. On the base, The Man Club enamel badge has been added, to give another subtle design detail. The Man Club is 34" long.

Every baseball bat PillBox Bat Co create, is made by hand in their shop, which is based in Minnesota, USA. The Man Club is no different, and each piece has had hours of hand detailing from the team there.

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