Your Hair, Your Style

Your Hair, Your Style

We all know, that when you leave the barber shop, you leave looking and feeling great. But there's that awful feeling that we all get... "How can I make my hair look this good myself?!" Being able to recreate the styles made in the barbershop is one of the toughest challenges on this planet! With this said, do not fear, as this is my reason for writing this blog. My goal is to help you understand what different of hair styling products can do and what styles they are best for.

Matte Look Products

One of the most popular finishes at the moment is the matte look. There are currently three main looks that use the matte products out there. First of all, is textured and choppy is a common, but versatile look & one that has been popular for a very long time. Second is the longer hair styles, that just need a touch of control for a natural look. And third is today's big trend; dry finishes on styles that have stereotypically been wet finishes.

So, with this in mind, what products are out there and what are they for? 

Matte Paste - This is probably the most popular product to use at the moment, and is certainly our best seller due to it's super matte finish.

There are a load of different versions of this product out there, so make sure to pick the one that's right for you. But make sure if you want that dry look, to choose a matte product, as a lot of paste products can have a wet finish.

Out of all the Matte Paste products out there, each is made differently. You find that they are usually designed for lighter hair with a looser hold. We chose to make ours have an extremely matte finish (this happens the more you work the product), with a very sturdy hold, without feeling like your hair is caked in product. If you are looking for a Matte Paste for you, read some reviews about how it works, or even try some at your local barbershop and see how tacky it is as this can demonstrate hold.

In terms of styles I would recommend you use this product on any style that requires a really dry finish, especially if you have quite light hair and don't want to feel like you're using loads of product. I'd really recommend styles like dry look Pomps and controlling hair with a natural look. Watch our tutorial video to see what Matte Paste can do.

Clay - Clay is a dry product, but is usually quite thick in texture. You may have also heard it called mud or other variations that give you the same idea of a product.

Hair clay gets it's name as it uses a high grade of cosmetic clay known as Kaolin or Bentonite. These products are great for giving the dry look, but they need to be mixed with other products to give it the hold. Because of this reason, different brands of hair clay vary massively. Our Clay Pomade was named to describe the product for what it is: a mixture of hair clay and a traditional Pomade. This gives it a great dry finish, but also an awesome heavy hold, which is reworkable.

Due to the amount of variations from each brand out there, really look at what the product's benefits are and see if that fits your hair and your style.

Styles you can use hair clay on would be the shorter, more textured looks. You could also use it for dry styles that need a bit more hold, or if you have thicker hair. Watch our tutorial video to see what Clay Pomade can do.

Wet Look Products

The wet look is a classic look. Don't think 1990's and hair gel, think 1920's and Slick Backs & Pompadours, or even 1950's Jelly Rolls & DA's. The wet look should be associated with classics and twists on classics, which has had a massive resurgence over the past few years, and is still going strong.

The two main products are both Pomades, but they are different versions with very different characteristics.

Water Based Pomade - This is the more modern version of Pomade. Made with a water base, it's much easier to wash out than it's traditional counterpart. This also means you can alter the style by applying to damp or dry hair, which can be a big bonus! But watch out for getting caught in the rain!

This Pomade tends to have a slightly wetter look than an oil based product. The hold should be quite firm, but not crispy like a gel would be. The main difference between brands tends to be in the hold of the product, however some brands add a colour to theirs, so make sure to look for the one that suits you. We created our Pomade to have a slightly thicker texture than most, and a strong hold without being overly firm.

The styles this product is best for really are the classics. Pompadours and Slick Backs are the timeless styles at the top of this list, and still very popular today. Watch our tutorial video to see what Pomade can do.

Oil Based Pomade - This is the traditional style Pomade. Originally it was made from apples and pig fat, however with time this recipe has come a long way from this.

Oil Pomades again, as with other hair products, can really vary from brand to brand. All of them aim to be a stronger holding product. Make sure to find the one that suits you, by looking at the benefits. If you like a product that will wash out easily, then perhaps this isn't the right product for you, and the water based Pomades are the way to go. The oil Pomades tend to be a bit tougher to remove, as they were designed to stay in the hair for longer, especially with tougher styles.

We named our product to really describe what it is, Grease Pomade. It's oil based gives it a very distinct texture and finish, with a strong and reworkable hold. It is our strongest holding product within the Apothecary 87 range. 

The Grease Pomade or any oil based products are great for any hair type. But they are really suited to the classic styles, in particular those that require a stronger hold such as high Pompadours, Jelly Rolls and Elephant Trunks. Watch our tutorial video to see what Grease Pomade can do.