HOOD & Co - Welcome to the Bronx

HOOD & Co - Welcome to the Bronx

New York based curated wares and handcrafted goods brand, HOOD & Co, made it onto our Apothecary 87 Global Branding Celebration campaign (A87GBC), which is currently taking place on our Instagram feed.  We chose HOOD & Co because everything they produce is not only done to an incredible standard, but everything that's created, is based on personal experience and adventures that happen throughout the life of its founder, Bronx based artist, Jessy Montoya.

HOOD & Co are taking part in the #A87GBC campaign and have sent the Apothecary 87 team a selection of awesome handcrafted goods to giveaway to one of our Instagram followers.

We got the chance to interview Jessy so our readers have more of an idea about the brand, but we suggest you head over to Instagram, give HOOD & Co a follow and then check the website out. Cool and slick comes to mind.  

Liam: "So Jessy, thanks for taking part in this interview and thank you for being part of the Apothecary 87 Global Brand Celebration. Here goes..."

Jessy Montoya


  1. When did you first start hood and co?


Jessy: "HOOD & Co. officially took root back in late 2015. Prior to that, it went by a different name”


2. Why the name Hood & Co?


Jessy: "I'm leaving that one up to interpretation, for now, hope that's not annoying ha ha ha. I grew up in The Bronx though, so that's part of the influence for the name.”


3. Where about's are you located?


Jessy: "Currently it's in what I'd call "the boonies" of New York City called Gravesend, Brooklyn”


4. In your words, what would you say Hood & Co do as a brand/business?


Jessy: "Originally HOOD & Co. was a way for me to curate and showcase the things I was passionate about. It has since evolved into featuring different mediums like design, photography, short films, illustrations, and branding to that I use to share experiences, inspirations, and stories that I gain through traveling and exploring cities.


"What HOOD & Co. sells is limited collections of goods usually tailored around accessories but not limited to them. I'm still working towards much larger concepts but we've previously sold a small collection goods inspired by city life here in New York City and my passion for leather crafting."


5. What is your mission or goal?


Jessy: "Nothing ever gets done alone or as a sole creator so over time I hope to bring more folks together share more stories and shape the brand around the people that make us who we are. A neighborhood of humans with a love for design, a passion for storytelling and a drive to be who we want to be."


6. Who inspires you? 

Jessy: "A whole heck of a lot of people but if I had to choose some specifics, I'd say a lot of my early influence comes from Marc Ecko, Johnny Earle, and Ralph Lauren (a fellow Gent from the Bronx) to name a few. Those guys were some of the initial inspirations for what I'm working to create but I have a lot of influences that are particular to the other aspects that make up HOOD & Co


7. Tell the readers more about the gent behind Hood & Co


Jesse: Well, my name is Jessy Montoya. I'm a first generation American, son of two Ecuadorian immigrants. I've been drawing since year 5 and designing since 2007. I grew up loving all things history and art which began my passion for photography and documentation. I live for the adventure and I'm always seeking the next learning opportunity. I'm not sure where this journey will take me but I'm always willing to go for the ride.

Don't miss out on the HOOD & Co x Apothecary 87 giveaway on Instagram. Look out for the like and comment posts with the hand stitched baseballs and card holders. 

Just to finish off, check out this journal post from HOOD & Co - The Race of Gentlemen. Well worth a watch!