Movember 2020

Movember 2020

November, home to Movember and making a change to men’s health. It's a month we always celebrate at Apothecary 87, but what exactly is it all about?

Stemming from two guys in Australia trying to bring back the forgotten moustache in 2003, Movember quickly became something bigger - raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Since then, it has grown further, launching campaigns across the world for different men’s health causes, including mental health. 

From its inception, Movember has launched campaigns across the world, funded over 1,250 men’s health projects, including mental health, and gained over 5,500,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sisters supporters.

Movember is run throughout November with a whole host of events being held. From Virtual MoRunning, quizzes and bingo, to virtual rum tastings and ‘Guys in Heels, No Big Deal’, there is something for every facial hair fella.

At Apothecary 87, Movember is a month we always commemorate, and not just because we are a men’s grooming brand. For us, it takes us back to our origins, with staff members experiencing first-hand the pain of losing someone to prostate cancer, and experiences with mental health problems. So this time of the year has always been something we have been invested in.

This year we will be raising awareness for Movember through our social media to try and encourage people to take part. We will also be running offers on cutthroat shaves and beard cuts in the barbers

You can also challenge your friends and family to grow their own epic ‘stache and share photos of your own creations using the hashtags #movember and #mobro.