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Because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves
Pay What You Want

You choose the price of your Hair Cut

Community Focused

Supporting our community, one Hair Cut at a time

Look Good, Feel Good

We're doing good, so you can look good & feel good

No Judgement

No judgement, just pay what you want

What Is Pay What You Want?

At Apothecary 87 Barbers & Shops (currently our Doncaster barbershop), we believe everyone should have access to a Hair Cut, which is why we are rolling out our Pay What You Want Wednesday campaign. You can hear what Apothecary 87 founder and CEO, Sam Martin, had to say about it when interviewed by the BBC, HERE. It's been a really rough couple of years for pretty much everyone and to top it off, a lot of people are feeling the squeeze now, more than ever, due to drastic inflation across the board. Self-care has become a luxury that not everyone can access, and that doesn't sit too well with us.

Our aim is to make a positive impact in our local communities, one Hair Cut at a time. We have seen first hand the change in mood that someone has when they walk out of our barber shops with a fresh hair cut. For many, this can be a huge uplift, whether it directly impacts mood or helps make life a little easier or smoother with events like dates and job interviews.

How Does Pay What You Want Work?

Just book in for the Pay What You Want - Hair Cut on our booking system. Then at the end of your service, your barber will ask you how much you want to pay. Whatever you decide, it's fine with us!

The Impact

Usually this is where the brand shares the stories and quotes from clients to prove the impact of what it's doing. But we aren't going to share any stories with you, they're all too private or personal to our clients. Just know, the impact is there and has been seen, whether it's being able to be presentable for a job interview when the cost of a good hair cut was too expensive, helping when work is a bit on the light side or simply when moods are low and a pick-me-up is needed.

Tell Everyone

The more people that take us up on the Pay What You Want offer, the better. It means we are having an impact moving towards achieving our goal of helping our local communities. For us to have more impact, we rely heavily on your support to spread the word. Sharing on social media, telling your friends and family, or screaming from the rooftops... it goes a long way in allowing us to create a bigger impact.

For anyone wanting to help us spread the word, our social links are below.