How To Get The Perfect Matte Texture Hairstyle

How To Get The Perfect Matte Texture Hairstyle

We’ve all been there, wanting your hair to have that dry natural finish with a good amount of hold, but struggled to get it just right. Used just a smidge too much product and it now looks shiny or greasy? Alas, that elusive matte finished has escaped your grasp again. Not this time. Enter the Apothecary 87 Salt Tonic & Matte Paste.

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We’re aware many gents have struggled with this dilemma daily, which massively influenced us in the conception of these two products in particular. The Salt Tonic (although a stellar stand alone product) can be used as a pre styler prior to the application of the Matte Paste. Doing this will give you volume and texture from the Salt Tonic, and lock the style in place with your Matte Paste.

  • Apply a few sprays of Salt Tonic to wet hair. Really rub this through your hair & make sure to get down to the roots.
  • Using a towel or hair dryer, start to dry your hair.
  • Once a few sprays of the Salt Tonic have been dried into your hair, we’ll have created the foundation of the style.
  • The hair will feel tough and textured and should have some considerable volume. At this stage we could quite happily leave it as it is and crack on with the day ahead of us, as it could hold it’s own with just the Salt Tonic. 

That being said if we then move on to apply the Matte Paste we will dramatically increase the hold and thus longevity of the style. This’ll be going nowhere fast.

  • Scoop a pea sized amount of Matte Paste out of the pot, and then rub the product through your hands throughly before application. This will ensure the most dry finish (As a general rule of thumb, the more you work it into your hands first, the more matte the end result will be).
  • Make sure your hair is now fully dry and apply the Matte Paste.
  • Be sure to get the product into the roots of your hair, starting at the back of the hair and then moving forward towards the fringe. This will help ensure a more even distribution of the product. How many times have you started at the front and then realised (sometimes hours later) that the back of your hair isn’t sitting how you’d expected? This method of application is a reliable preventative to that situation. 
  • Check how it's looking, before adding more product. Is it starting to feel like it has the right hold and finish?

How’s it looking? Remember, although you’ve only needed a small amount of Matte Paste for your style you can always add more. Because our Matte Paste is a truly dry looking product, you can actually use a little more than what is absolutely necessary, and it will still have a matte finish.

We’ve found combining these two products in this way has fantastic results on fine or somewhat slightly sparser hair. It really toughens and thickens the hair up not just in feel but in appearance. 

Now you’re ready to face the day, with your hair looking the way you wanted!