What Is Salt Tonic?

What Is Salt Tonic?

What is Salt Tonic? It sounds cool, but what is its purpose & is it right for you?

We set out to create a hair product with function and versatility, something we could use as a pre-styler to add extra volume and texture or as a standalone product that provides a light hold, an ultimate matte finish along with a reworkable style. 

The result? Our Salt Tonic. A product that works exactly as intended, ideal for matte styles that require a bit of extra hold alongside our core hair product range, as well as the styles that require a lighter hold and little amounts of product. It's become a favourite among our clients and a product that is used every day in our Barber's & Shop.

As well, if you're interested in how salt is good for your hair, feel free to read a blog by clicking here!


Apply to damp hair, use hands to work into the roots of the hair and dry. If blow drying, work into roots whilst drying so to ensure proper application. This will give the volume & texture, ready to apply a final product to hold the style.

Once the hair is dry, take a dime-sized amount of your desired product, rub into your hands and then apply to hair. As always, make sure the product is applied from root to tip & covered evenly, then style as desired. 


We recommend using Salt Tonic on it’s own for styles that require a loose hold but lots of texture. This works especially well for medium to long hair.

Spray the Salt Tonic evenly into damp or wet hair. Using your finger tips, spread the product throughout the hair, making sure to get right into the roots. Once this is done, you can blow dry (we recommend this), towel dry or even allow to air dry. The result? Your hair will have great volume and texture, with a natural feel.