Three Step Beard Care Guide

Three Step Beard Care Guide

Recently started growing a beard? Or just need to know how to take care of yours? Here is the Apothecary 87 3 Step Guide to looking after your facial hair.

Step One: Cleanse

Whether you’ve had a styling product in all day, or just need to remove any grease and grime from the day, your beard needs a cleanse and refresh. That’s where our Botanical Shampoo comes in. Formulated with sea salt and charcoal, it helps to cleanse and detoxify the hair and removes resilient styling products without being damaging. The combination of juniper berry and various citrus fruit peel oils, the Botanical Shampoo works to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and strengthen hair.

Depending on the size of the beard, massage a few pumps of the shampoo into wet hair until it forms a lather then rinse well.

We're always asked about the benefits of charcoal and what it does to your hair. If you want to learn more, click here to read an article from the guys over at Naturally Curly.


Step Two: Condition

No matter the length of beard, a beard oil is a must in any man’s beard care routine. Specially designed to condition the beard, our beard oils help reduce irritation and split ends whilst also moisturising the hair and skin underneath. Also want your beard to smell good? We got you covered with our three different scents, Original Recipe, Vanilla and Mango, and Unscented.

Best used after the shower when your beard is damp, massage three to five drops into your entire beard and comb through to evenly distribute the product.


Step Three: Style

So you’ve got a clean and conditioned beard, now it’s time to style. If you’re looking for something that adds more moisture and tames any stray hairs, then our Beard Balm is the product for you. A collaboration with Josh Mario John (AKA Spizoiky), our Beard Balm is designed to nourish and soften the hair and subtly add shape to the beard with a light, natural hold. Inspired by Josh Mario John’s youth, the Muskoka scent is a sweet, masculine scent from the maple sap, with warm and smokey undertones of log fires. A true Muskoka scent. 

Just like our beard oils, the Beard Balm is best used after the bath or shower so it absorbs quickly, and you only need a pea size amount to massage into the beard and pat into place.

As well, for you chaps looking to tame your 'stache, we've got you covered with our Moustache Wax. With bees wax, castor oil and vitamin E, our wax provides a medium to firm hold whilst also conditioning the hair.

Just simply scoop out a small amount by using the back of your nail, work it between your fingers and run it through your 'stache to style as desired.       

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