Our Hair Styling Staples

Our Hair Styling Staples

Hair styling, something we do on a regular basis to help us look and feel our best. There's a style for everyone, and a product for each style. But which staples do you need to master each look.

Botanical Shampoo

The first thing you need is clean hair, with no product left in from the previous day.

Formulated with charcoal, essential oils and proteins, our Botanical Shampoo removes impurities and product, leaving your hair feeling nourished and healthy. Fresh hair makes it much easier to tame & style, so you get your desired look, every time.


A modern twist on a vintage classic, our Pomade is a water based product which allows for easy application and provides a strong hold with a wet look. And with it being a water base not oil, it is easy to rinse out.

Made with our Manitoba fragrance, our Pomade has a sweet maple scent - sweet yet masculine.

If you’re a chap with slightly long hair, our Pomade is great for a casual slicked back look. Or if you have shorter hair but like a slight shine to your finish, our Pomade is your new styling staple.

Grease Pomade

A classic hair styling product, our Grease Pomade provides the strongest hold out of all of our styling products. Made with an oil based formula, our Grease Pomade gives a high shine slight wet look. Featuring our Mogul fragrance, a subtle combination of vanilla and marshmallow.

Similar to our Pomade, our Grease Pomade is great for the slicked back look with some serious hold.

Clay Pomade

A hybrid between a hair clay and a classic pomade, our Clay Pomade gives you the matte look of a clay and the firm hold of a pomade. As well, it's reworkable if you want to switch between a casual and formal look throughout the day. Formulated with a blend of vanilla and mango, our Clay Pomade leaves a slightly sweeter scent to your hair.

With the ability to rework during the day, our Clay Pomade can be styled into a tousled look that is great for everyday and special occasions.

Matte Paste

Designed as a soft and light paste, our Matte Paste is the driest formula we offer. Formulated to dry into a powder like paste as you apply to your hair, it gives a reworkable truly matte finish. Just like our Grease Pomade, our Matte Paste is made with our Mogul fragrance - a blend of marshmallow and vanilla to provide a subtle fragrance to your hair. With an ultra matte finish, our Matte Paste is perfect for a more casual, everyday look.

Salt Tonic

A more simple yet versatile product, our Salt Tonic is a great option for achieving a quick style. Unlike the other styling products we offer, our Salt Tonic is a pre styler - you apply it before any other product, or you can even use it on its own.

Simply spray it into the roots when your hair is damp and either blow dry or let your hair dry naturally to achieve added volume and texture.


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