10 Easy Tips To Being Chivalrous

Apothecary 87 | 10 Easy Tips To Being Chivalrous

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If you said no, keep reading to find out how you can improve!

What is Chivalry, and is chivalry really dead?

To explain and to provide the world with some handy tips, Apothecary 87 spoke with content creator, Damien Broderick. Damien is one helluva gent, and you only have to follow his Instagram page to discover this. 

Mr Broderick, take it away sir...

"We as men have lost what it means to be Chivalrous.
The feminist movement (That Damien soul-heartedly supports) is also a reason men assume, we can't open the door, pull out the chair or offer to pay the bill.

Being a gentleman has nothing to do with how you dress, but how you act, and acts of chivalry are the acts of a gentleman (On the money, Damien, exactly what Apothecary 87 stand for with #The87Club) 

By definition chivalry is 'A man who expects more from himself, than the world expects of him'

So all it boils down, to is the standard in which you hold yourself to.

You don't hold the door open for woman because she's incapable, she's very capable, but you hold yourself to a certain standard, to show a lady or another gentleman the level of respect they deserve.

Far too many people are under the impression, "Respect is earned, not given”

But if you don't respect others first, if you don't respect yourself first, how do you expect others to respect you.

Show respect and you shall receive it."

To give an example Damien provided us with a short story of a date he recently went on:

"I was recently on a first date, and while I waited on her to arrive (A gentleman is always early)

An older lady came and sat at my table, she explained she was waiting on a MOD night down stairs to start and she was early, she complimented me on what I was wearing, and we talked for about 20 mins before my date arrived, when she arrived, I stood to greet her, pulled out her chair and had a drink waiting for her.

My intention is to give the best possible first impression. We talked for hours, she got the next drink, and I got the one after.
It was lovely. She is lovely.

She told me I was such a gentleman and it was refreshing.
I take that as a huge compliment of course, but really it shouldn't be refreshing, I wish every man was like that.

No lads lad, no "Fuck Boys" no cotton shorts with a North Face jacket.

Just dress how you'd like to be dressed, and be respectful at all times.

I'm not saying every man should dress like me and wear a suit, my style is individual to me, but dressing well is a sign of good manners, and being well mannered is a sign of a true gentleman."

10 easy tips to being chivalrous in your everyday life.

Expect more from yourself than the world expects of you!

Hold open the door.

Give up your seat.

Put some pride and effort into your dress and grooming.

Smile and say hello to a stranger 

Compliment a stranger (NO catcalls, say you like his outfit, or her shoes are nice)

Say please and thank you at every opportunity.

Do something nice and expect NOTHING in return.

Be polite, respectful and well mannered.

Walk upright , back straight, shoulders back.


Remember being chivalrous is not about man being better than anyone else, its about bettering yourself. holding yourself to a higher standard, being respectful and well mannered.



Although it takes a lot more than looking good to be chivalrous, it sure does help!