Apothecary 87 x Spotify

Apothecary 87 x Spotify

There's a lot of disagreements in the current world, but there's one thing that everyone can agree on: music is amazing!

At our HQ, everyone has differing music taste, some more diverse than others but everyones is unique. Some of us listen to Rock, some metal, some rap, then we've recently been loving Billie Eilish (I mean, who can blame us, her voice and music are incredible).

This said, we've decided to create a Spotify playlist full of our favourite tunes! A variety of bands, each with their own unique sound. Including the likes of:

We feel the playlist sums up our brand perfectly, with diverse artists and a uniqueness about each artist. It's also the playlist that we play in our Barbers & Shop and is updated regularly with new tunes.

Check it out below!