Working From Home?

Working From Home?

It's not always easy to work from home, but we're here to encourage you to maintain a good, constant and healthy grooming routine! It's important to keep up a good grooming routine even if you are working from home, as the cleaner and fresher you feel, the more motivated you'll feel. It helps you to add structure to your days as well as helping you feel ready to attack your day!

If anything, now is the best time to start-up and stick to a daily grooming routine that is sure to help motivate you as well as improve how you feel mentally!

On a side note, we're believers that Grooming Routines should not take up a large amount of your day, however, with the current situation regarding COVID-19 and a lot of places being on lockdown, we now believe this is a good opportunity to catch up on anything you might have missed from either late wake-ups or a busy schedule!


Apothecary 87 - Matte Paste

You might think that now you're having to work from home, you can stop styling your hair every day for work, but that shouldn't be the case. Continuing your usual morning routine, including styling your hair exactly how you want it, will mean that you still feel at your best. Plus, you've got to look your best for those online meetings!

As well, if you blow-dry your hair every day, this can damage your hair due to the heat that is applied every day, however, now you've got the opportunity to towel dry it and let it dry on its own, which is much healthier for your hair! Simply wash using our Botanical Shampoo, towel dry and you're good to go. Then style once dry!

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Apothecary 87 - Beard Balm

Ever wanted a good time to grow and look after your beard? There's never been a better time! With the current situation, you're likely to have some extra time every day to dedicate to looking after your beard, as well as shaping up those edges.

All our Beard Oils promote healthy growth, whilst moisturising the skin underneath and helping to reduce split ends. Our Beard Balm is also a good alternative if you're looking for a quick bit of beard TLC every day!

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Apothecary 87 - Shave Cream

If you're a man who lives by the clean-shaven look, a fresh shave every morning to help you feel fresh can go a long way! With a bit of extra time in the morning that you save as opposed to driving to work, dedicate it to giving yourself the closest shave possible. The combination of our Shave Oil & Shave Cream will leave you feeling like you just left our Barbers after a Cutthroat Shave!

As well, we now sell Safety Razors and Shave Brushes!

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Apothecary 87 - Logo Tee

We get it, the temptation to wake up, have your breakfast, then chill in your boxers whilst working all day is a very easy trap to fall into, but trust us, don't do it! Doing this is likely to make you feel ultimately too "at home", resulting in you feeling less motivated to get work done and making your day feel more tasking. 

Click here to have a quick read into the psychology behind getting suitably dressed for working from home!

Every day, make sure you grab a different, fresh outfit from the wardrobe. It doesn't have to be your work uniform, as we understand no one wants to sit at home in a suit, but perhaps try putting some clothing on that you wouldn't tend to wear whilst in your "downtime", like a pair of jeans maybe.

This said, a fresh pair set of loungewear every day is likely to be very beneficial to you mentally, you'll feel fresh, clean and ready to go about your day. Plus, who's going to pass up the opportunity to be in loungewear all day?

If you're wanting a new tee to chill in, check out our Logo Tees here!

Work Station

Having the ideal work station plays a big part in your productivity from home. From the size of your desk to the mug you put your coffee in, everything impacts your productivity!

We don't make too many things to help with the looks of your work station, however, we've got a couple of things that could help with the likes of our Soy Candle and Art Prints!

Our Soy Candle comes paired with our 1893 Fragrance that you know from our Mo' Wax and Shaving Range. It's sure to fill any room with an atmosphere that reminds you of being at the Barbershop getting your fresh trim.

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