World Beard Day 2020

World Beard Day 2020

So it’s that time of year again… yes you’ve guessed it… World Beard Day. And here at Apothecary 87 we are just as excited as all of you beard bearers and ‘stache supporters. But what exactly is World Beard Day?



Originally, The Danish Vikings had special days devoted to the appreciation and idealisation of beards that were often celebrated hundreds of times a year. Now held annually on the first Saturday in September, World Beard Day is a day dedicated to all things facial hair with international contests, beard displays and parades, or simply just posting and sharing photos of your own facial creation. It’s a day dedicated to relaxation, enjoyment and privilege for the bearded lads to help promote the art of beard growing.

Across the world, the beard community is encouraged to salute the blessed day by organising their own World Beard Day celebrations whether it be hosting a contest, or having a barbecue and cracking open a beer. And this year’s, held on the 5th September, will be no different.

But it wasn’t always this way. There have been phases where the almighty beards and moustaches were looked upon with disgust in society. Times where it was seen as a sign of attractiveness, and times where it signified scruffiness. But not for Apothecary 87!

For us, it’s a classic example of bringing a quirky community together to celebrate all things facial hair. Whether you have a badass boxed beard, magnificent mutton chops or even if you’re a clean-shaven crusader. It’s a day to acknowledge all. 

A beard is the “epitome of masculine beauty”, but here at Apothecary 87 we believe it is so much more. It expresses individuality and shows off a person’s creative quirks, character and dedication to growing an epic beard, like these guys. It’s using style to express who you are, what makes you, you no matter the shape or size and setting yourself apart from others.

And World Beard Day promotes exactly that - a person’s imagination and originality when growing a facial forest. Just make sure to save the shave for Sunday.


Struggling for inspiration? Check out our models rocking their glorious bristles and whiskers thanks to our products.

Products used: 

Beard - Beard Balm

Hair - Pomade and Salt Tonic

Products used:

Beard - Beard Oil

Hair - Salt Tonic

Products used:

Beard - Moustache Wax

Hair - Matte Paste