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Coming Back With A Bang...

Tyler Hall

Posted on June 29 2020

Coming Back With A Bang...

We've always believed that grooming is more than a well-trimmed beard and a fresh hair cut, it's making yourself unique every day in your own way. In the grooming world, we stand out due to our uniqueness in products and fragrance, but there's one fragrance that certainly has a special place in our hearts, one that is so unique, we've never seen it done before, ever.

What is that fragrance? Well, it's coming very soon, we've already revealed what the product is going to be over on our social media, but we haven't revealed what it is that's going to make it that extra bit special, that extra bit "Apothecary 87".

Well, we can tell you that it's something that we've been asked about a lot (seriously, a lot) and we can't wait to share it with you guys!

Also, we're only releasing 100 units as part of our small batch collection and it's not coming back again. If you miss out, that's on you...

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