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3 Ways To Use Pomade

Sam Martin

Posted on August 29 2018

3 Ways To Use Pomade

Everyone wants to have the ability to tweak their hair style based on their mood, and nobody wants their bathroom cabinet or Dopp Bag to be overflowing with a vast number of hair styling products. If only we could have one hair styling product that gave versatility...

...Well, we're in luck, there is a hair styling product with versatility and it's name is Pomade! Check out our YouTube channel for some styling suggestions.

The most versatile hair styling product is the water based Pomade, which is a more modern recipe. However, traditional Pomade was an oil based styling product created from apples, hence the name which originated from the French word "Pommade" (itself originating from the Latin word "Pomum" meaning apples).

So, how can you use a water based Pomade as a versatile hair styling product:

1) Apply to wetter hair

Using Pomade as a hair styling product in wetter hair will allow the Pomade to be easily used. It will give the hair a higher shine when finished, and a little bit of a looser hold.

Pomade can be quite a strong hold, but when a water based Pomade is applied to wet hair, the water will thin the product a little more than usual, giving a looser hold in the hair. If you are looking for a slightly looser finish hair styling product on your hair, or want a glossier look, this can be a great way to use Pomade. However, if you're looking for a strong hair styling product or have thicker hair, this method may not give you the hold you want.

Apothecary 87 | Pomade

Hair by Robert Braid, styled with Apothecary 87

2) Apply to dryer hair

Using Pomade with towel dried hair, will get a slight sheen. Overall, the finish will be a much stronger hold than when applied to wetter hair. 

This is the stereotypical way to apply Pomade, as with most hair styling products. The dryer hair means less water to mix with the water based Pomade, therefore giving you a more concentrated hair styling product to style your hair with. If you have stubborn hair or you want to go for a more adventurous hair style that requires more hold, this would be the way to do it.

Apothecary 87 | Pomade

Hair by Robert Braid, styled with Apothecary 87

3) Use as a matte styler/pre-styler

Not many people know this little secret, but water based Pomade is an amazing matte hair styling product when used in a certain way! This can be perfect for a lighter, more natural hold or if you are wanting to use a pre-styling hair product for a bit more volume.

Use the water based Pomade in wet hair, drying with a blow dryer, and use your fingers to run through your hair during the blow dry. This will lift the hair, allowing a more even dry down to the roots of your hair taking the moisture out of hair and the water based Pomade. Once the hair is dry, you will be left with an extremely natural and matte look, that can be worked into whatever style you want. It can be useful to use the blow dryer to assist you in creating the hair style you're aiming to achieve, as the heat will help control the way your hair falls and moves.

Apothecary 87 | Pomade

Hair by Robert Braid, styled with Apothecary 87

Video by Dom Gregory

Photos by Liam Oakes