Growing Your Beard - Tips

Growing Your Beard - Tips

We've all been there, the itchiness, the time it takes to grow a beard, going through that scruffy phase where it's not the shape you want. Well, you're not alone, and we've come up with a couple of short tips on how to grow your beard.

Step 1 - Patience

Growing a beard is a slow process, and the length of time it takes varies from person to person. The early stages are often frustrating, as you don't see instant results. Many are tempted to shave at this stage and fall at the first hurdle, but don't fear, as a little patience goes a long way at this stage.

Ideally you should let your beard grow at least 4-5 weeks before trimming. This will allow an even growth and give your beard enough length to start shaving in some shape.

Step 2 - Maintaining

Looking after your beard is important. If you don't, it won't grow as fast or in a healthy way.

Start by washing your beard. Any shampoo will do, but try ones designed for dry hair, as beard hair is very dry and coarse.

You will also need to condition it, so we suggest either a Beard Oil or Beard Balm, depending on preference.

Beard Oils are leave in conditioners made with oil. A little goes a long way with these, and the best time to apply these is when the beard is warm (ideally after a shower or bath), as this opens the hair follicles and allows the beard to absorb the oil much better.

Beard Balms really do vary, as many are wax based, designed for hold. Ours is a cream, similar to a moisturiser, but for your beard. It works as a leave in conditioner, just as a beard oil would, but it can be used any time & it's water base allows it to absorb easily and quickly to any hair type.

Using these products after a shower or bath will really help, as your skin's pores & hair follicles will open and absorb the vitamins and nutrients much better. This will allow for a healthier growth, which means less dead ends, and therefore a faster beard growth.

You can watch our videos on how to use Beard Balm and Beard Oil at the bottom of this article.

Step 3 - Styling

After using your conditioning products, this is the perfect time to comb your beard into place, giving it a natural shape. This will allow you to see any hairs out of place and trim if you need to. A wide tooth comb or pick comb are ideal to achieve style with.

Apothecary 87 Paul BB19 Barber Comb

If you still require a little extra support getting the shape you need, speak to your local barber (or even send us a message), about how to shape your beard when trimming. You can even use hair styling products, although you will want a very very small amount of a natural looking matte finish product, ideally with a light feel, as you don't want your beard to feel full of heavy product!