2024 Men's Hairstyle Predictions

2024 Men's Hairstyle Predictions

New year, new do... Hi, I'm Ryan, one of the Apothecary 87 barbering team. Usually I get paid to cut hair and give hair advice, but today, I get paid by the pun. So I'll be your blog writer today.

Nothing gives you a confidence boost quite like a fresh trim. So if you’re really wanting 2024 to be your year, then how about starting 2024 with a new hair style. If you are interested in trying something new with your hair I’m here to help with my predictions for the hair styles coming in, in 2024...

Post lockdown, people embraced the longer hair, from Tapers to Mullets and everything in between. I see this continuing and people even committing to the longer hair lengths more so than ever, in particular the rebirth of the 90s hair styles. With that in mind, check out my 2024 Men's Hair Style Predictions below!

CURTAINS aka the Leo

With 90’s inspired fashion trending, it makes sense that the hair styles from the decade follow suit.

We all know Leo is synonymous with the number 24, so it’s only natural his hair style dominates the year 2024 too. People are already asking for this look in our barbershop and is it’s gaining lots of traction on social media too.

To achieve this look, I’d suggest applying Apothecary 87 Salt Tonic whilst the hair is damp (this is great as a pre-styler product to add volume to the hair), then dry with a hairdryer (make sure to run the hot air in the direction of the style). Finally, finish off with Apothecary 87 Clay Pomade for that authentic 90s shine, and a touch more weight to the hair, allowing it to flow more freely.

Credit: 20th Century Fox


MODern times are upon us! But is this the hair style for you? Definitely maybe. I think?

The Mod hair cut has been and gone from trends a few times. From the long, shaggy haired, rock and roll 70s era to the 90s Brit pop (there’s a pattern here). So, much like Oasis, the mod is well overdue a come back.

To achieve the perfect Mod, you'll need your barber to add plenty of texture to your har cut. Then apply Apothecary 87 Salt Tonic to damp hair, blow dry with a diffuser to give volume and texture to the hair style and apply Matte Paste as a finishing product to complement the texture and movement without weighing the hair down.

(Tracksuits and anoraks will boost coolness by 69%)

Credit: Zegna AW23


The Peaky Blinders slick back took the world by storm a few years ago. Now, post lockdown, people are loving the longer hair and I feel the 90s medium length, flowing slick back will dominate. This classy, low maintenance style looks good from the boardroom to the bedroom! The beauty of this hair cut is how low maintenance it is, but can also look super high end with a little styling.

If you can get over the awkward growing out stage of your hair you’ll love the slicked back look and once you’ve got it, you’ll soon realise that ‘it’s not f****ing leaving’ (read in Jordan Belfort voice) your head anytime soon.

To master this look and become the wolf of your high street, apply Salt Tonic while wet and let hair dry naturally for that lived in look. Again, it's always good to start controlling the hair as it dries, so push your hair back with your fingers, when you're doing this step. To finish, depending on how loose you want the style, you can either let the Salt Tonic do it's thing, or apply Matte Paste for the 'swept back' loose look. If you prefer a more slick 90's slick back hair style, you can always finish with some Pomade, to get that high shine, super slicked back Wall Street look.

Credit: Lionsgate Films


I predict that the Mullet will begin to phase out as 2024 goes on. It’s had a great run and is personally one of my favourite haircuts to do in the barbershop. But the mullet has always felt like a bold hair cut, that many try for a while & the rise of the 90s is really coming in hard with men's hair styles in 2024. Deep down mullets will never die in my heart and hopefully they come back again very very soon.

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