Hair Cut - Pay What You Want Wednesdays

Hair Cut - Pay What You Want Wednesdays

Hair Cuts Cost How Much!?

Pay What You Want, every Wednesday, in our barbershops. This could be £0 or £100, you decide, it really doesn't matter to us. And yes, you read that right. This campaign has got a lot of eyebrows raised and had a lot of people questioning if we've gone crazy, but we've never been more clear on something being the right thing to do.

Hair Cuts Are For Everyone

In the Apothecary 87 Barbers & Shops (currently our Doncaster barbershop and Sheffield barbershop), we believe everyone should have access to a Hair Cut, which is why we are rolling out our Pay What You Want Wednesday campaign (you can hear what Apothecary 87 founder and CEO, Sam Martin, had to say on it when interviewed by the BBC, HERE). It's been a really rough couple of years for pretty much everyone. And to top it off, a lot of people are feeling the squeeze now, more than ever, due to drastic inflation across the board. Self care has become a luxury that not everyone can access, and that doesn't sit too well with us.

We've seen the impact a fresh hair cut can make to someone. It can make the world of difference to your mentality and making you feel happy, fresh or just all round more positive. Pretty much all barbers enjoy seeing a client sit in the chair and leave looking confident and happier, it's a part of the job that's really fulfilling, so being able to help more people feel good makes us feel pretty good too.

Our Goal

Aside from the obvious of wanting to do something good, we want to see tangible impact. For us, this will mean getting plenty of people to come in, make the most of our barbershop offer, of Pay What You Want, and start to create meaningful relationships with the people in our communities. So the more people that use this offer, the more successful we are. Make sure to book in and share this campaign, tell everyone and help us make some impact. Do good, feel good.

How To Book In

Click the "Schedule Appointment" button below or choose the barbershop location that suits you (click HERE to choose). When you have chosen the location, click "Book In" to see our list of services and make sure to click the Hair Cut - Pay What You Want service. When you come in for your appointment, just tell your barber how much you want to pay at the end of your service, easy.

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