Apothecary 87 X Brix Coffee Co

Apothecary 87 X Brix Coffee Co

With the launch of our new Body Scrub, featuring Brix coffee grounds, it only seemed right to talk about the collaboration with Brix Coffee Co that comes along with it. 

It's no secret that coronavirus has presented a lot of difficulties and challenges to small businesses, but working alongside Brix wasn't just to support one of our favourite local businesses. They're a company we've followed ever since their start-up and we've watched them build up from a small local coffee shop, to our local hangout and go to caffeine provider!

Brix is a coffeeshop and kitchen in Doncaster that offers an array of breakfasts, lunches, sweet treats and obviously... coffee. That, combined with their chilled vibe, makes it the perfect place for the Apothecary 87 to have an office catch up or grab a quick drink on the go. But what made us do a collaboration?

Since its opening, we have loved Brix. From the cool, industrial meets Miami feels, to the great tasting coffee and bakes. And of course, the step brothers neon wall quote! It is safe to say that since its opening, we did become best friends…

Brix isn’t just our coffee source though. We even took inspiration for our Body Scrub packaging Brix Coffee Beans - a great way to hint at the coffee contents whilst also following our brand.

Our scrub is available on its own, or with a bag of Brix Coffee whole beans - the perfect choice for those who love a cleanse and caffeine.