Body Scrub: Our Latest Addition

Body Scrub: Our Latest Addition

What’s next? A question we are often asked by customers, clients and alike. We have our Beard & Hair ranges, as well as our newer range of Body Care products.

Our focus has always been to expand our range with meaningful products that have purpose, perform and are made in the best way possible.

Please welcome our Body Scrub to the stage!

Made in collaboration with Brix Coffee Co, the Apothecary 87's go to place for a caffeine kick - seemed like the ideal match for our new Body Scrub. Found out more about our Brix collaboration here.

The Ingredients

Like all of our products, we wanted to deliver a premium quality product which took months of rigorous research and testing. To create a more nourishing and moisturising formula, we tested multiple different oils until finally settling on a non-sticky, light oil that softens the skin & carries the nutrients well. But what about the dry ingredients?

With different options of coffee ground textures, we needed to test for something that wasn't too abrasive, and finally narrowed it down to finely ground coffee supplied by our friends at Brix Coffee Co. When dried in our dehydrating oven and finely milled, we found it enhanced the scrub effect without being too harsh on the skin. 

The combination of coffee grounds, dead sea salts and natural sugars help to remove dead skin cells, detoxify, rejuvinate, and nourish the skin. Our choice in sugars also contributes to the scrub being more gentle on the skin, whilst also helping to exfoliate.

The Fragrance

Even though the scrub has an amazing scent of fresh coffee without added fragrance, it still needed the Apothecary 87 touch, so we added the unique blend of our 1893 fragrance to enhance the scent. With notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and coffee grounds, our Body Scrub has a calming, relaxing and soothing aroma, perfect for your shower or bath routine. 

The Ethics

Like all of our products, our Body Scrub was not tested on animals, instead it was tested on our staff. Talk about perks of the job! Our team love to be the first to try new products, this also allows for meaningful feedback in our development process that leads to a better quality of product.

And like the majority of our products, it is vegan-friendly.

The Effects

With the blend of salts, sugars, coffee and oil, our Body Scrub exfoliates dead skin, whilst cleansing, nourishing and moisturising the skin - leaving it soft and smooth. For a more intense scrub, apply wet then let dry before washing off.

Buy as a stand alone or with a bag of Brix Coffee Co coffee beans. The choice is yours!