At Home Survival Kit

At Home Survival Kit

It's not news that 2020, and it seems 2021, was a tough year. With UK, and most of the world, now in another lockdown, it seemed fitting to share our ‘At Home Survival Kit’ - all the essentials you need to stay safe during these times.

Hand Sanitiser

A definite must during a pandemic is a hand sanitiser, but what makes ours so different? 

First off, it's a spray that absorbs into the skin quickly. When we looked at other sanitisers out there, we wanted something that was less sticky, and something like a liquid spray stood out to us, not to mention, it last much longer!

Second, the scent. When creating our hand sanitiser, one thing that was important to us was bringing something different to the table, so we opted for our classic Vanilla & Mango fragrance. With a unique blend of mango and vanilla this fragrance is crisp, refreshing, citrusy and well balanced by the sweetness of the vanilla. Overall, our hand sanitiser leaves your hands smelling fresh.

*Currently only available in the UK.


When at home, especially at this time of year, you want the ultimate cosy vibes so why not light a candle… one of ours, of course. With three unique scents to choose from, there is something for everyone. Whether it be our classic smoky Original Recipe, our spicy and relaxing 1893, or our new warming Hoochinoo fragrance - we have a candle for every mood, helping to transform the scent of your home. And since they are made from soy wax, they have a cleaner and longer burn (30+ hours).


Bath Salts

With the world being turned on its head, it only seems right if you treat yourself to a bath, with our Bath Salts of course. With a range of essential oils, lemon orange peel and various salts, it is the perfect remedy for your skin - leaving your skin feeling soft, and you feeling relaxed.

Body Scrub

Are you more of a shower person, but still want to treat your skin? Our new Body Scrub is a great choice. Made in collaboration with Brix Coffee Co, our scrub is formulated with Brix coffee grounds and a variety of salts, sugars and oils, to deliver a product that exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes the skin. And if you are coffee mad, we also have an option available for you - a bag of our Body Scrub and a bag of Brix Coffee Beans, a great choice for those that need a caffeine kick and cleanse.