Soy Candle Tips & Tricks

Soy Candle Tips & Tricks

Burning a candle. It seems pretty simple, right? But what about a soy candle? And how do you ensure you’re getting enough bang for your buck?

Here at Apothecary 87, we have compiled a list of top tips for burning and maintaining our Soy Candles

Trim the wick 

A soy candle like ours is different to your standard paraffin wax candle. They don’t burn as hot and have a thicker wick so they need to be trimmed frequently. So, whether it be the first, second or last time you burn one of our candles, make sure to trim the wick to a quarter inch long before use. This will help prevent the wick from mushrooming and causing smoke stains around the tin - perfect if you’re planning on reusing them! Find out more about the benefits of soy wax candles here.


Let the top layer melt

When burning our candles, don’t blow it out until the top layer is fully melted. Extinguishing them before this can cause tunneling - where the wick sinks lower into the candle whilst wax stays around the edge. Tunneling, whilst being a waste of product, can also make it difficult to light the wick or even flood it.

Keep away from moving air

Whether it be near an open window or a draft, moving air can affect your candle whilst burning, and be dangerous. Placing a candle somewhere where there is moving air can make it burn uneven and contribute to tunnelling. 

It also goes without saying, keep away from anything flammable and children.


Where to store them

Whilst to some it may seem tedious, storing your candle properly can help it hold its scent. When you have finished burning, make sure to put the lid back on, and store the candle in a cool, dry place our of direct sunlight. This will help your candle keep its scent, and not melt in the sun. Also make sure to store your candle upright, just in case ant melting does occur.