Father's Day - Don't Panic!

Father's Day - Don't Panic!

With Father's Day coming up, we all usually resort to panic mode and end up buying any old presents for our dads that don't truly reflect how grateful we are for everything they do.

Now, this year, we want to do things differently, whilst helping you do things differently in the process! Check out the list below for some awesome Father's Day Ideas:

The Classic Dad Shave 

We have a range of awesome shave products fit for any Dad. Our Shave Oil is fantastic as a pre and post shave product to make shaving smoother and irritate less, while our Shave Cream keeps skin hydrated throughout the shave. We all know Dads who shave, shave daily, so make sure you help look after their face!

Get Him Kitted Out

If you can't decide on a specific product to get him, pick him up a kit from our range of Kit's, Dopp Bag Kits & Sets! We've also got a variety of gifts available that are sure to make his day!

A Short Break

Dads lead stressful Dad lives, and sometimes a short break is all they need to get back on top of the world. Grab them a short break and a Dopp Bag for them to take all their products with them.

Some Down Time At The Barbershop

There's no other feeling like going to the Barber Shop, chilling out and getting looked after by a skilled barber. Dad's know this too! The right barber will listen to what a client wants and tailor the service to them, providing them with the right look and the right products just for them. Come on down to our Barbers & Shop in Doncaster and get your old man booked in for a service, he's guaranteed to love it!

A Sure Win Gift

If none of these suggestions are helping you out, then why not go for the guaranteed winner of a gift: spend some time with him! We understand under the current circumstances this might be easier said than done, but hopefully restrictions (especially in the UK) will be eased soon, meaning you can go out for a bike ride, fishing, or if outdoor activities don't tickle your fancy, the weather is ideal for a chilled out evening in the garden! Crack open some beers with your old man, have a BBQ and chill out!

Our Collections

Remember, we can advise you on the perfect gift ideas for your father, but you know him better than anyone. Click below to browse our collections and see our entire range of gift ideas:

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