Apothecary 87 x Volstead Jewellery

Apothecary 87 Barber Skull Ring - Silver

When it comes to men's grooming, we believe it’s more than just a case of washing your hair, trimming your beard and styling your hair in the morning. It’s a matter of everything that goes into a gent’s routine regarding the way they look and present themselves, from their hair and beard, right down to their choice of jewellery and socks.

Having believed this since our beginning in 2013, we wanted to expand into more than just the traditional grooming essentials and expand into other areas of what makes a man well groomed, so we did.

Badass jewellery company Volstead UK got in touch with us and we got to working on the pieces straight away. We experimented with lots of ideas regarding the style of jewellery that Volstead produce and our style as well, now today, we’ve ended with a collection that we love, one that represents who we are and what we stand for in the male grooming industry.

The Club Pendant

The Man Club Pendant | Apothecary 87 x Volstead UK

"The club was an elite group. Not just anyone could be a part of it. The challenge, was acceptance."

The symbol of “The Man Club", a solid .925 sterling silver pendant, etched with our logo and “The Man Club” logo and worn around the neck on one of Volstead’s belcher chains.

This piece is based off of The Man Club Baseball Bat we released in a limited quantity, complete with our logo engraved on one side, with "The Man Club" engraved on the other side.

Barber Skull

Barber Skull | Apothecary 87 x Volstead UK

“His work was his passion. It was his reason to exist, he loved everything about it. Even after all those years, he dedicated his life to barbering until he could go on no more"

Created with inspiration taken from those who dedicate their life to barbering and who show passion in their work every day.

Our Barber Skull Ring is themed around the dedication to the barbering trade, showcasing two cutthroat razors on the band of the ring, along with "87" embossed on the band too. The skull showcases immense attention to detail all around the band of the ring, as well as on the face.

Moustache Comb

Moustache Comb Pendant | Apothecary 87 x Volstead UK

"Dapper & sophisticated, he was always seen to groom his handlebar moustache into a perfect curl, using his silver comb.

Jewellery with functionality. The Moustache Comb pendant may look amazing, but it does also act as a genuine Moustache (or beard) comb, meaning you've always got one of your essentials ready!

As with The Man Club pendant, our Moustache Comb pendant comes on one of Volstead's Belcher Chains.

Alpha Male

Alpha Male Ring | Apothecary 87 x Volstead UK

"The others looked on in awe, as he took a step forward, ready to lead the others in what he knew would be a losing battle.”

The Alpha Male ring, showcasing a wolf on the face of the ring, was inspired by the thought of being the leader of the pack. We're always striving to be on top and we believe that you should strive towards greatness every day, to become an Alpha.