How To Get The Perfect Shave

How To Get The Perfect Shave

Shaving. Something most guys do whether it be down to the skin or just a quick tidy up around the edges. No matter the style, when you're after the perfect shave it all comes down the products and tools you use. But how exactly can you achieve the perfect shave?

The Products

Whenever you shave, it is always good to use some sort of product - never dry shave. When you dry shave, you are more prone to razor burn, cuts and extra dry skin. Instead, using something like a Shave Cream or Shave Oil can help glide the razor along the skin and moisturise the skin. Not quite sure what product would suit you and your grooming regime? It’s simple.

If you want an all over shave, down to the skin, something like our Shave Cream is best. Formulated with Vitamin E, it softens the beard hair and stubble, keeps the skin hydrated and reduces irritation. It even ensures that the hairs stay lifted during shaving, making sure you don’t miss any.

Or if you are trying to grow or maintain your beard, why not try our Shave Oil? Designed to be a clear oil, it is perfect to tidy up the edges and define your beard. Like our Shave Cream, our Shave Oil softens the hair, keeps your skin hydrated and reduces irritation. 

The Tools

Obviously, when it comes to shaving you would need some form of razor - perhaps our Safety Razor? Designed to deliver a premium quality shave, our razor is well weighted for easy use, and it double-edged to give a closer shave than a cartridge razor.

When it comes to getting the perfect shave, it isn’t just about the sort of razor you use. For some, it can be down to how you apply your chosen shave product. If using our Shave Cream, we recommend using a shave brush for application. Unlike using your hand, our Shave Brush lifts the hairs so they are ready to shave, cleanses the skin and is extremely soft. It’s even cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Using a shave brush is easy. Simply wet the brush, apply a small amount of product into the middle of the bristles, and use circular motions to work it into a lather on the area you want to shave.

The Technique

More often than not, getting the perfect shave is down to perfecting the technique you use.

To get a better shave, and reduce skin irritation, you are best to shave straight after the bath or shower and use hot water. This will make your facial hair stand up, and provide an easier shave. Warm water also helps to relax and loosen the skin so it is easier to glide the razor over the skin.

For an all-over shave, apply a small scoop of Shave Cream on the areas you want to shave and pull the skin taut so you don't drag the razor or accidentally apply pressure. When you start shaving, make sure to hold the razor at a 30 degree angle and not apply pressure - just let the weighted head of the razor do all the work.

When deciding which direction to shave in, you can either go with or against the grain. Shaving with the grain is typically a more comfortable shave, whilst going against the grain helps you get closer to the skin, but increases skin irritation. If you have a thick beard and want to go down to the skin, it may be best to trim the majority of the hair so you are left with stubble. Then shave against the grain to help reduce skin irritation.

Or if you have thick stubble and just want to trim it down a touch, you can go with the grain to minimise razor bumps.

To work out what direction your hairs grow in, you can run your finger along your beard. When you feel resistance or if it feels rough, you're moving against the grain. If it feels smooth, you are moving with the grain. If are still unsure, you can follow a beard map, a diagram that shows the general direction hair grows in.

If you want to just neaten up the edges, apply a couple drops of our Shave Oil to the edges of the beard and use the same method as an all over shave.

Once finished, apply your go-to moisturiser, post-shave balm or even our Beard Balm to keep the skin hydrated.

 Shaving shouldn't be a chore, it should be enjoyed. So you should be treating yourself, your facial hair and your skin to something special. 

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