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  • World Beard Day 2020

    Jessica Bradley

    Posted on September 02 2020

    World Beard Day 2020
    We've always been big on beards, and on World Beard Day it is no different. Here is what World Beard Day means to us!
  • Competition Time!

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on July 24 2020

    Competition Time!
    It's competition time! We've not done one in a while, so we've decided to do a big one for you ladies and gents!
  • Coming Back With A Bang...

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on June 29 2020

    Coming Back With A Bang...
    We've always believed that grooming is more than a well-trimmed beard and a fresh hair ...
  • Father's Day - Don't Panic!

    Sam Martin

    Posted on May 27 2020

    Father's Day - Don't Panic!
    Don't panic about what to get your Dad this Father's Day, we got you covered...
  • Apothecary 87 x Volstead Jewellery

    Tyler Hall

    Posted on May 26 2020

    Apothecary 87 Barber Skull Ring - Silver

    We've always loved the idea of working with other companies and people, we aim to please our audience in every way possible with exciting products that satisfy. So a collaboration with Volstead Jewellery was something we knew would immediately be something we love!